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Monetary Guidelines for Grants


In order to establish the consistent use of Society funds for grants, the following guidelines are suggested:


  • If the need is for less than or equal to $100, verbal confirmation by the applicant to the Governing Committee investigator(s) will be required.


  • If the need is for more than $100, and less than $600 in a calendar year, verbal and written confirmation is required. Use of the Society’s “Financial Needs Assessment”, and “General Guidelines for Grants” forms is encouraged.


  • If the need is for $600 or more, and less than $1,000 in a calendar year, proof through verbal and written confirmation of financial need is required in a meeting with the Governing Committee investigators.


  • If $1,000 or more is granted in a calendar year, proof through written documentation of need is mandatory, including a review of spousal income, insurance, other income and documentation of receipt of funds from other state, social or religious agencies.


All grants should be delivered personally by a member of the Governing Committee. Grants must be made in the form of a check on the chapter’s bank account. In no case may grants be given in the form of cash or money order.


Grantees receiving $600 or more in a calendar year, will receive a 1099 which will be filed by the Society with the IRS.



October 2008