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International Paper in Savannah

The Savannah Mill on West Lathrop Avenue opened in 1935 when Union Camp invested $4 million to build what was originally touted as the world’s largest paper mill. This investment brought a much needed boost to the area’s economy and began a wonderful relationship between the mill and the seaside city. In November 1998, International Paper merged with Union Camp and became the proud parent of the Savannah Mill.


International Paper was founded in 1898 when 17 pulp and paper mills joined to form the company. Instantly, the new company’s size, diversity of operations, quality of employees and community responsibility made it an industry leader. Hugh Chisolm served as president of the company and began a long tradition of leading with the community and environment in mind.


The Savannah Mill is part of a 450-acre site that includes a golf course originally built to help attract administrators and managers. Now anyone who works at the mill can be a member of the nine-hole course. The facility generates its own power through the use of two large turbines that are run by steam the plant produces during the chip-making process.

The Savannah Mill is also home to one of the industry’s best and largest paper machines, called Machine No. 8. It is the size of two football fields, more than three stories tall and runs with great efficiency.


Approximately 625 employees work in the mill and woodyard making pulp and paper, running the power plant, and maintaining machinery. There are about 125 workers in the adjacent box plant who turn containerboard into packaging solutions.


Companies around the world depend on the products made at the Savannah Mill. Paper made at the mill is sent off to other plants and turned into packages for everything from computers to washing machines. The facility provides constant economic fuel to the surrounding community in the form of jobs and commerce.


Making paper isn’t the only important thing at the Savannah Mill. Its employees are also concerned about making a positive impact on their community. Over the years, the mill employees have invested thousands of hours of service into the Savannah community, volunteering at local schools and contributing to local charities. They are committed to making an impact in their community long into the future.


For the past 70 years the mill has called Savannah home and they are proud to be a part of this dynamic community.




The Society's purpose is to provide financial aid quickly and confidentially to and for the benefit of a Member or a deceased Member's surviving dependant who is in need of financial assistance in the face of misfortune, an emergency or calamity.



Upcoming/Recent Events


Photos from our September 12, 2013, Meeting



The Savannah Chapter had its annual dinner in September and it was a grand success. There were about 330 members present, and included some great speakers (see photo below).



Left to right:

Buddy Carter - Senator in the Georgia Legislature
Lisa Winter - Customer Sevice manager in Container Plant
Maurice Sheppard - Savannah Chapter Chairman
Cristy Plummer - Practice Administrator for Employee Family Medical Center
Walter Chastain - Savannah Mill Manager







Governing Committee

The Savannah Chapter of the International Paper Quarter Century Society presently has 991 members, and the affairs of the Chapter are administered by a Governing Committee with six members. Below is a photo of the members of the Governing Committee taken at a meeting on January 10, 2010.



Seated left to right are: Susan Helmey, Treasurer and Lisa Winter.

Standing left to right are: Maurice Sheppard, Chairman, Lee Strickland, Ralph Sparks, Ken Tapley, Vice Chairman and Caryn Lefevre, Savannah Mill Chapter Coordinator.